Saturday, January 3, 2015

15 Ways to Start 2015 With Kindness

I found this awesome list. Some of these I know I can do. Which ones look like something you could do? I love the website it came from. Check it out at

Still working on how to get it posted or hyperlink it but here it is in picture form. 

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World Changers

Want to make a difference in the world? Tired of all the negativity that closes in on our lives constantly? You may only be one person but you can make a difference. One smile, one small act of kindness, just one word of encouragement can change a life. This blog is dedicated to those who want to make a difference. It will have positive thoughts, ideas and links to creative charities, recipes for building family traditions and taking food to others, and encouragement. Can't wait to see this grow to an army of world changers all sharing in one place!